Wednesday, May 6, 2009


You know haw there's Nascar racing and there's go cart racing well this isn't one of those. This is extreme, its called off road racing. My family is really interested in this. i think its fun.

Well, you can race off road with nearly every thing, but not every thing is safe. So you can ride in a truck with a full harness and a role cage or you can not be safe and ride in a normal truck and get hurt, I would prefer the first option.

I've been through the making of one of these trucks, well not the kind of one in the picture but a jeep one. My dad and my uncle Jonathan have tried to build one well actually are trying to build one ( they started a long time ago). It seems hard to try to make one, but don't ask me i don't no all about it. Well once your done with it i think it pays off.

We try to go out to a race at least twice a year. they are all over the place, there some in Cally, Nevada, here in Arizona, and some other places. they are really fun. My dads friends race so we go to watch them. We have a lot of fun!!! THANKS!!!!!!=p


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